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Role play event

Game master: Makenyo

Fiasko: Salem 1692
30: event without registration
Slot 07 - Samstag Vormittag
Fiasko (Erzählspiel): generisch

Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches, Lately Executed in New-England.

After the New Year dawned on 1692, strange afflictions have beset many of the young girls in Salem. Thought to be the precocious nonsense of children, they now suffer episodes of violence and terrifying abuse at the hands of unseen forces. Their forbidden games have brought this onslaught, and they have learned them at the hands of their very neighbors and servants.

Inevitable accusations have now followed. As young as five to as old as eighty, no resident of Salem Village or the surrounding townships, good Christians or no, old or young, are safe from the witch hunt.

1692 will be a year of misery and death for all of Salem Village.

Truly, spells and stories are not simple children's games.

Es empfiehlt sich schon mal im Vorfeld einen Blick in die Kulisse (siehe Link) zu werfen. Des Weiteren sind folgende Filme eine hervorragende Inspirationsquelle:

  • The Crucible
  • The Witch
  • The Village